Obtaining Your Mortgage Loan


This is the best way to go about getting your mortgage loan.


When planning a home purchase, it’s best to find out what you can afford sooner than later. Any lender will pre-qualify you based on your family income, debt, and credit history.


To start, you might go to this site, enter the requested information, and get a rough estimate of how much you should be able to borrow. The site doesn’t link to other sources:



Note that the site doesn’t have the ability to pull your credit score or to do the person-to-person dialogue essential to getting more definitive information about (1) the best type of loan that you should get under your given circumstances and (2) the best loan terms and conditions that a lender can offer to you. It takes talking with a lender to get that information.


You’ll find lenders are more than eager to talk with you. They want your business. So, don’t be hesitant to call your bank, credit union, or a mortgage broker (like the ones at the end of this message).


By all means, shop your loan around. Get a loan settlement cost estimate from each lender you talk to and compare the rates and charges. You’ll likely find a lender that charges less and gives you better terms than the others. Also, if you find a lender you like personally, but that lender doesn’t offer the best deal, let him or her know and ask if you can get terms that are as good as, or better, than the best competitor.


I recommend you use a lender that has a loan officer actually located in San Antonio and, I recommend that you not use one of the on-line-lenders.




If you use an Internet lender, you’ll still get your mortgage loan, but might have problems with the lender’s responsiveness and punctuality when the time comes to close on the sale. I can better keep things moving for a buyer if I have a local person to confront for delaying a closing.


Here, among dozens in town, are some lenders you might consider contacting (only because they’ve given good service to my past buyers — I have no business affiliation with any of these folks).

The listing order doesn’t indicate preference. They’ve all shown equal ability and have a record of quoting reasonable charges.


Jamie Spanley

Mortgage Banking Officer

Physician And Other Professional Loan Programs

BBVA Compass Bank, San Antonio

200 Concord Plaza, Ste 600

San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 370-6028 (office)

(210) 274-5011 (cell)

(866) 491-5619 (fax)



Tammy Conner and Dee Anderson,

Mortgage Bankers

Bank of Texas Mortgage

9901 IH 10 West, Ste 100

San Antonio, TX 7830

Office: (210) 306-2408

Cell:  (210) 264-8601 for Tammy and (210) 828-7789 for Dee

FAX:  (713) 354-0235 or (713) 354-0229

tconner@bankoftexas.com or deeanderson@bankoftexas.com


Patrick Fitzgerald

Senior Loan Officer and Military Expert

Prime Lending

(210) 483-4900 (office)

(800) 671-4995 (toll free)

(210) 862-6296 (mobile)

(877) 877-9028 (fax)



Melissa Kulikoff

Sr. Loan Officer

AMCAP Mortgage, Ltd.

Cell: (210) 849-9030

Fax: (210) 957-8535


Cyrena Durkee

Loan Officer

Prime Lending

210-685-5618 cell

210-556-3561 office

NMLS# 232118


Please call or send an E-mail if you have questions about any of these or other lenders.

Randall R. (Randy) Kelley


San Antonio Realtor®

Internet Realty Services Advisor


Keller Williams Legacy (210) 863-2661 or 867-8743 or (800) 201-9145


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